A Brief Introduction to this Blog…and…well…me :)

I have started this blog as a place where I can write about all my ramblings, my wonderment at LIFE in Cape Town, the strange interests I seem to pick up and as an outlet for my view on my life and on my surrounds (currently Cape Town and South Africa). I also hope for this to be a place where I can post my attempts at ‘photography’, the results of my baking experimentations and discuss the latest out there in terms of Marketing, Advertising and Branding.

So…Me and My Life

I was born in a tiny town called Grahamstown (well actually, technically it is a city because it has a cathedral – but really – no matter what any one tries to tell you – it is most definitely not a city!)

Small town girl

I went to DSG and then Rhodes – yes – I was a Rhodent and can attest that the University’s rep is well earned – but despite what others might say – in terms of its party life it is no different, better or worse, than the other varsities out there.

Finally, the end of the high school road!

Then…at the age of 21 and a few months, I finally moved away from my small home town – and onto what has been the biggest adventure of my life thus far – I moved to the magical mother city that is Cape Town!

And so it is here – from Cape Town that I am going to blog about my obsession with brands and the latest advertising campaign, my amateur baking and photography, the sea and my stalking of dogs 🙂

Meet Bella and Minki

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