Boulders Beach – an unmissable experience

If you have never before visited the wonders of Boulders Beach just past Simonstown, just outside of Cape Town, add it to your bucket list…RIGHT NOW!


For a mere R40 you get entrance onto the stunning Boulders Beach – but the human one only – because here the penguins rule and they even have their own beach to prove it! But this just adds to the delightful atmosphere of this place. Here – if you can brave the water temperatures – you can literally swim amongst penguins. In any case you can still stay (relatively) dry and stalk them around and over the boulders and along the sand. Here are just a few pictures (and believe me I have a retarded amount) that I took when I last visited this amazing place in January 2011.

Fact: Penguins have very sharp-looking beaks!

The Human Beach 







Two very important things to remember:

1. No matter the weather or cloud cover – take sunblock and keep applying it! Stalking penguins is very distracting and you just don’t realise how much time has passed.

2. Check the tide schedule – you don’t want to drive all the way there for the entire beach to be covered in a high tide and to be stranded on the one small patch of remaining exposed sand.


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