Always find the time to… LAUGH!

The necessity of FRIENDS.

I may still be young and have much more of my life to still live – but I already know that without the amazing friends that I have – my life would be far less complete – and I am sure that most people out there would agree with me.

So I dedicate this post to my amazingly awesome friends!

A great friend is someone who knows when to just listen, when to offer solace and when to offer advice

A great friend knows when you need distractions or laughs – or when you help

A great friend is loyal, comforting, fun, supportive – central to our lives – and I am very grateful to all those who have ever been there for me – thank you!

The title of this post comes from an episode of Cougar Town that is a particular favourite of some of my friends and I because it represents a weekend of great memories and friendship – if you are not yet a Cougar Town addict – watch it – some find it annoying – I absolutely love it – it is fun, cheers one up and a great pass time to share with friends 🙂


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