Never Hide

So one of my favourite campaigns of the moment is Ray Ban’s “Never Hide” – I am well aware that it has been lurking around the glode since 2007 but with the new look the same strap line has right now – it has achieved ‘favourite’ status.

This is a billboard I pass on my way down Buitengracht - at the top where it changes from Kloofnek to Buitengracht.

The graphics are appealing and stand out very strongly while the message is simple, yet brilliant.

So yes, personally I do not own a pair of Ray Bans – as a 23 year old still kind-of-unemployed graduate – they are currently waaaaaay out of my price range – however – this does not mean I cannot admire Ray Bans latest campaign – yes it hasnt driven me to buy a pair – thats more due to my current financial situation than the brand’s current message – on a side note – my dad does own a pair that he is very attached to so I will just claim that 😉

Back to the campaign though – the overall message has been described as : “portraying regular guys and girls living their day to day lives with authenticity, with the courage to express themselves and their unique individuality, which is the most precious thing we have, because the most fashionable thing to be is yourself.”

This is what Never Hide stands for and I just feel it fits in so well with the younger demographics today – on a global level – I just feel so many people can connect to this campaign in their own unique way – strengthening their bond with this brand – and most likely increasing their desire to own a piece of this brand’s personality as well. It is a clear, widely relateable campaign – preventing the prices from alienating many of the target market – I am certain many parents have coughed up a pair of Ray Bans as a birthday present or graduation present and so on.

So to Ray Ban – I like this campaign – I like your brand – one day – in my future I will own my Ray Bans and finally feel properly connected to the quirky, appealing Ray Ban family!


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