T-mobile and their Youtube Entertainment

You may have seen or heard of one or all of the following clips – if so you will know how entertaining and happy they are – if you still havnt – watch the clips below – they are all done by T-Mobile in England and I love them. Granted – yes – I am one of those who love musicals and Glee (although that singing episode of Greys Anatomy was way too much for me) – so that is my main reason for enjoying these – but I also love what they bring to the brand – they help the brand be more relateable to for all generations – and of course – they create a lot of ‘WOM’ (Word of Mouth). Their latest one is obviously making the most out of the upcoming royal wedding – with the usual T-Mobile twist! So if you are a musicals/Glee fan and havnt seen these click on the links below and enjoy!


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