I said “Hello you fool, I love you!”

I have yet to post my bucket list – it will go up some time – but one thing on it is officially ticked off – on Sunday night the 8th May – I went to my first live concert – and it was a Roxette concert!!

I love Roxette – there are songs that I know all the words to – that I dont even know the title for – because I grew with them.

So when I heard Roxette were coming to Cape Town- and the tickets werent astronomical – I got my mother to agree to buy me a ticket for my birthday.

So here are a few photos I took and a few tid-bits from the concert:

Pre-Concert Excitement!!!

The concert was held in the Grand Arena at the Grand West Casino – and we were sitting in seats on a balcony level – which was awesome because while we could still see the band perfectly – we could also see the crowd below – which just added to the already amazing atmosphere 🙂

And the concert begins!!

The crowd was such a mix of people – young teenagers with their parents, some old toppies who looked like they were up past their bed time, students, those of us in our 20s and 30s and best of all – some truly fanatic fans who really got into the spirit of things!

Roxette opened with one of me and my best friends favourites: “Dressed for Success” – and from there they went on to perform the classics like “It Must have been Love”, “Sleeping in My Car”, “the Look”, “Dangerous”, “Joyride” and “How do you do” – in between they also played some I didn’t know as well as some new numbers.

After performing for well over an hour they gave us a wave…and walked off the stage – bleak!! – but the lights didn’t come on – and after a few round of ‘We Want More!’ and other yelling they came back on and performed about 4 more numbers – they then went off again and many thought it was over – but the lights still didn’t come back on – while they did! (I rate they were just resting – they have been going for a really long time!!!)

They played a few more songs including “Listen to my Heart” and then they really did end – with great cheer and a bow.

It was the perfect first concert experience – and if you haven’t been to a Roxette concert yet – better get on it!! 😉


One thought on “I said “Hello you fool, I love you!”

  1. THIS WAS AN AWESOME CONCERT!!! ROXETTE’S perfromance was top class. There is only one band that really does it for me and this is it!
    I so wish they would come back for more concerts 🙂

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