My Favourite Things (at the moment)


1. Nail Polish

I have a slightly problematic addiction to nail polish – I blame it on school when we werent allowed to wear any – now I have a lot of time to make up for :). So I dont buy new nail polish when my current supply has run out – I buy new nail polish pretty much everytime I see a colour that attracts my eye – yes, this is a rather expensive problem – but I just cant help it 🙂 My favourite brands are Rimmel and Essie. Rimmel is the brand I choose most often (due to wallet limitations) – while I keep my Essie purchases for when I am really treating myself.

2. Giant Mugs of Tea and Hot Choc with Mini marshmallows

Winter has hit Cape Town Land – my remedy: Hot Beverages. I love to drink copious amounts of Rooibos in giants mugs or, alternatively, a mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows 🙂

3. Kerastase

My hair is difficult. Not in the curly out of control way – in the opposite way – it is straight, flat and no GHD is going anywhere near it! So when it comes to choosing my shampoo and conditioner – its a mission – after many years of trying every brand possible (or at least available in Grahamstown) a hair stylist in Cape Town recommended Kerastase and I have never looked back. If it were possible to be in love with a hair product this would be it!

4. NoMU Italian Rub

I recently did some part time work for NoMU and so afterwards, decided to try one of their rubs. Since cooking with it once, I keep finding new ways to use it – and cant wait to start experimenting with some of the other rubs in the range!

5. Woolies Winter line

I have spent far too much money at Woolies lately. It just seems that every time I see something I like – it is in Woolies! It has gotten to the point that there are days I walk around dressed entirely in the Woolworths brand! (and hope nobody notices;))

6. Cougar Town

My friends and I are seriously seriously addicted to Cougar Town – we quote from it way too much and the excitement about a new, unwatched episode is indescribable! Here are some of our recent and favourite quotes include: “LAUGH”, “Oh Jellybean”, “LArmy”, “Pound Grape”, “You want to make dance with me?”, “the walk of awesome”…and well…many many more!

7. Puppies

I have posted about puppies previously – but they defs belong on my favourite list! So here is some more puppy love 🙂

8. Just looking at Forever New

I love the clothes I see in Forever New – sometimes I walk past the windows because I am too embarrassed to go back in – because I keep going in – but I never buy anything… This is not because I don’t see anything I like – its because I see too much stuff I like but nothing that I can afford – yet. So for now I look – while I wait until the day I have enough savings to my own Forever New dress 🙂

9.Clinique Super Balanced Make up

This is the foundation I use. I never leave the house without make up on – I would say never ever – but sometimes I do actually do exercise without make up on 🙂 Otherwise – my base in on, and intact. My reasons for this are simply that I had bad skin as a teenager – which I thankfully was able to cover up – and after trying various brands, a make up artist suggested Clinique Super Balanced Make Up – and I have yet  to find a better brand at the same price.

10. To run alongside Table Mountain

I have a running route around Gardens – I literally spend the whole run with either Table Mountain or Lions Head in view. (depending on the weather, of course) Have to say – once again – I love Cape Town!


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