Some of my favourite (local) blogs

Sometimes, while perusing Twitter I randomly click on tweets and blog posts that are of interest to me in that moment. Other times there are blogs I specifically go to on a regular basis.

Below are a mixture of the two, some I am still discovering, some I am a permanent fan of : ADD BLURB ON EACH

Being Brazen:

Meet Jay:

My comment: Love love love her ‘Bucket Lists’ and ’10 things I learnt…’ sections!

Scribblings of Robs:

Average Girl Diary

Meet Robyn Hobson:

My comment: Love her style of writing and my fav post is her one about Madiba, simply titled “Hey”

Kiss Blush and Tell:

Meet Tori Tatham:

My comments: Beautiful, simple blog design with well written and informative posts!

Girl living in the Big City:

Big City Living CT

Meet Samantha Duff:

My comments: Well here I am completely biased as Sam is a close friend – her blog hasnt been up for long but keep an eye on it – she is a very entertaining writer 🙂

Betty Bake Blog:

Meet Betty:

My comments: I love baking and cooking – this blog has wonderful, quality posts.

Glossary Scribblings from a Sofa:

Meet Lauren:

My comments: Styled like a scrap book this blog is colourful and entertaining and full of photos – my fav type!

The End…(for now)


2 thoughts on “Some of my favourite (local) blogs

  1. Thanks SO much for the mention, lovely lady. Much appreciated.

    As for your question on my blog today: You can order via e-mail (Julie of Collect Jewellery lives in Cape Town) or you can find her things at various boutiques (list should be on her website)

    Have a rad day

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