Twitter Blanket Drive!

So winter has hit SA in a massive way! I am sure everyone I know will agree – our main topic of conversation has become how cold and wet it is all over the country. Now winter brings many pro’s – hot chocolate, comfy movie times, comfort food, snuggly fires, tea – but only to those who are so lucky live to the life styles me and my friends do.  On my way to work every morning I drive down Buitengracht – and for the last few days this has often been through torrential downpours…and yet – many of the usual beggars are still there, with no shoes, worn out clothes. On the way back from work I often see some of the city’s homeless setting up in doorways and in corners – with whatever belongings they do have. Now as a young only just starting out in the working world – my salary can only go so far and I am always very wary as to how whatever I may try to do – buying the Funny Money, giving/not giving money to traffic light beggars – actually helps those who need it. So I was delighted to come across the TBD – the Twitter Blanket Drive – where – over twitter a drive is organised to collect as many blankets for the homeless as possible – to help them through the winter months. I think this is so awesome – the organiser is a wonderful woman called Melanie Minnaar (@melanieminnaar) – and the website contains all the details about venues in each city etc – so I challenge anyone who reads this to go to – find the venue closest to you and bring a blanket on Sat 4th June at 16h00 to donate! (For those in CT like me – our venue is the News Cafe at the Artscape and our delightful host is Amanda (@alampchop) )

By the way- I got the softest, most awesome-feeling blanket from Pick ‘n Pay for only R99 – so to sign off I say: what are you doing this Saturday???


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