Yardley Oatmeal Radio Fantasticness!

Radio adverts invariably irritate the living daylights out of me – they come on too often, they can be way corny and many of them seriously insult my level of intelligence. But Yardley found a way to not just make a great radio ad – no corniness or jingly irritating tune – but one that I want to listen to – seriously – when it first came out – I would sit in my car to hear the end of it – even when I had already reached my destination. Now I don’t know about you – but to me that sounds like the ultimate successful radio ad!

Some of my fav lines:

They’re more annoying then…

“Idiots who drive their trolleys into your heels…”

“Guys who only listen to bands no one else listens to…”

“South Africans who return from Australia with Australian accents…and crocs”

“Christmas carols in October…”

“A certain cell phone company I cant mention…”

“Being put on hold and having to listen to some pan flute version of Mozart…”

“And Beiber-fever”

It’s more amazing then…

“Tshabalala’s opening goal of the world cup…”

“Uncontrollable laughter…”

“Watching back to back episodes of you favourite series…”

“Public holidays that fall on a Monday…”

“The IPad…”

“And Jaques Kallis’s new hair-do…”

So to Indigo Brands and Bester Burke – thank you for proving radio adverts dont have to make you want to get out your car and walk – just to escape them 🙂

To listen to the adverts you can find them here: http://www.rab.co.za/creative-corner/


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