What goes down when the CT Bloggers get together…and a little lesson some brands need to learn…

So last night the lovely Being Brazen and Bernice from BettyBakesBlog organised a get together for all Cape Town bloggers interested – and in my humble opinion, it was a massive success! The Grand Daddy Hotel in Long Street hosted this little get together – which turned into quite a big get together! With complementary Zandvliet Wines, amazing brownies from Daniela’s and divine cupcakes baked by Nelle Cakes and Kathcakes, it was an awesome experience and I am already excited for the next one (where hopefully I won’t have the flu and sound kind of male…). Meeting the people we often tweet with, or the writers of the blogs we often visit, was a very interesting experience. The conversation was also awesome as we all have common grounds of interest, just by being there in the beginning!

Yummy Red Velvet cupcakes from Annari Nel at Nelle Cakes!

The various conversations also got me thinking…there are many, many brands out there who do not actually get social media. They think they can try shove their brands down a bloggers throat and then just expect things. Same as twitter and tweeting – spamming people with your brand is not going to do your brands any favours. Last night Decadent Dani provided a great example of how to do things right- at the Grand Daddy there were individually wrapped brownies provided by Daniela’s set out on trays, there for our enjoyment when we decided we wanted one (or several – they were amazing!). Having an amazing product obviously doesn’t hurt, but basically, yesterday morning I did not know about Daniela’s – now I not only know about Daniela’s, I also – through experience – know how amazing those brownies were – and therefore have incentive to go to her store, for more in the future. When a brand gets the customer interested to the point of action – that is success. This – to me – is a perfect example of a successful brand-consumer interaction, especially for the year of 2011. Last night was the perfect set up – a room full of bloggers combined with divine brownies on offer, but not on show. Another example of brand success last night came from NoMU – while Paul (the ‘NoMU man’) was there – he was just mingling (as opposed to a ‘look at me, look at me’ situation) like everyone else there, but still remembered to give away 5 gift boxes as prizes to 5 attendees – with aid of the lovely Samantha as usual 🙂 Simple brand presence without being too much – just the way we (well most of us) like it!

Sammy with her cupcake

Ming and Sam enjoying Annari's cupcakes!

Amazing cupcakes with Amarula icing from Kath Cakes!

So to all brands out there who hang around and shout for attention – this is 2011 – social media is big, with twitter and blogging getting bigger – we don’t want to be shouted at – we want to be interacted with, but in a time, place and manner that we choose and prefer. Best advice I can give any brand out there – give all your customers equal, awesome treatment  – you never know who is going to appreciate it, how they are going to react (good or bad), or how strong their online presence is!

SpringChocs - a creation coming to you from NoMU and Sergio at the Grand Daddy Hotel! Yummy 🙂

Sam (@Samantha_Duff), Sarah (@SarahDuff) and Leaine (@Leas_Kitchen)


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