NoMU Drinking Chocolate, Neill Anthony’s cooking technique, Matt Allison’s food knowledge, some crazy foodies and a rabbit or two…all at the Bosch Kitchen Master Class

So on Saturday morning I had the great pleasure of attending a Neill Anthony Master Class at Bosch Kitchens. After warming up with some NoMU Drinking Chocolate, the cooking demonstrations began!

Goody Bags!

The sun may have been shining but it was still a chilly winter's morning, perfect weather for a warm cup of NoMU Drinking Chocolate - yum!

In amongst the lessons from Neill, we were also treated to the endless knowledge from Matt Allison about ethical and sustainable eating.

Observation time...

The preparation fo the herb mouaasline

Some cooking in action

All of this information was then followed by wine, some snacks and a rather alarming demonstration on how to prepare the rabbit. *Disclaimer* better not to watch this if you are at all squeamish!

Pre (three course meal) snacks

The menu was as follows:

Warm salad of braised angel fish,marinated fennel,herb mouaasline
Poached and roasted loin of rabbit,seasonal greens,artichoke puree
Whipped lemon curd,coconut,ginger espuma

Warm salad of braised angel fish,marinated fennel,herb mouaasline

Now I am not a fish person, at all, but even I ate mine (quite an achievement – just ask my mother!)

Foodie concentration time

In the end it was a really great morning, surrounded by wonderfully interesting people, inspiring cooking, gleaming Bosch Kitchen appliances and amazing food.

Happy banter times and mutual stomach satisfaction

To find out about the next Master Class – keep an eye on here.



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