“Looters are scum”

I am sure we have all been hearing/reading/watching the news about the London riots. I may be a bit ignorant/not paying as much attention as I should – but apart from seeing many images of violence and the poor police as padded and protected as can be – I have no idea why these riots are actually taking place. Why are the youth so angry? What is causing them to behave in such a violent manner? Until I find clarification on these facts – to me what they are doing looks disgusting. Below I have posted a link to some amazing photos from the riots as published by the Boston Globe. Picture 20 fully illustrates why I am so disgusted with these youth – if there is an explanation I am fully open to it – but in this picture it just looks like the youth are trashing an innocent bystanders business – and that is just wrong on so many levels. I love pictures 23, 24 and 25 (they are the ones I have posted below) – I think they are beautiful and to all those London residents – you seriously have my respect!

Here is the link to all the photos: Boston Globe


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