I AM Nikon

A few days ago I stumbled onto the ‘I AM Nikon’ campaign. I really like this campaign – such a great idea, both personal and universal at the same time. Simple but clever, very strong, the basic idea behind ‘I AM Nikon’ is about people showing who they are with their Nikon camera. I just love the simplicity and how personal the idea is.

Now I was a strong Canon fan, until, when shopping around for my first DSLR, I gave Nikon a try when I bought my Nikon D3100 ultimately due to advice coinciding with a great deal at ORMS. And I haven’t looked back. I still think Canon is a great brand and I am sure their cameras are as spectacular – but I have now formed a strong bond with Nikon which, upon discovering the @NikonSA Twitter feed and the NikonSA Facebook Page, has just been strengthened – I now feel part of an entire local community, and as a Marketing Graduate the little personal touches that Nikon has over Canon, especially in the South African community, make a BIG difference.

My baby 🙂


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