We Love Real Beer

My weekend started off with a bang at the We Love Real Beer Fest held at the Old Biscuit Mill. I really liked the idea behind this fest and most of the way it was organised. I really only had 1 problem with it – it was too popular! Too many people, too little space!

The Old Biscuit Mill isn’t the biggest of venues, and Cape Town’s weather didnt play very nice either, no rain but a lot of wind. So you couldn’t really escape the very large crowd. I am not sure why, but the second part of the Neighbourhood Goods Market area wasn’t used, the one thing that would have made this event better, in my opinion, is if they had put long tables/benches and alike in this area so once your We Love Real Beer glass was full, you could go and plesantly enjoiy it with your friends without spilling it over anyone else, or getting spilt on…


But other than that, I really enjoyed myself. The idea of all of South Africa’s ‘real’ beers coming together, in the way the event was organised really worked and I am sure those who know more than me about beer (i.e. pretty much anything) appreciated it even more than I did.

Lesson learnt - even if you are at a beer fest - if you don't like beer, best not to order it!


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