NoMU Christmas Pop Up Sale!

So you are in Cape Town and haven’t been to the NoMU Christmas Pop Up Sale yet?

Here are 10 reasons why you should make sure you get there!

1. You will be welcomed and served by some fantastic looking Santa helpers.

The fabulous NoMU Santa helpers.

2. There are a full range of the glorious NoMU products available.

3. Amazing food and wine is on offer thanks to catering from Dish.

4. The prices! The low prices include rubs at R25 each, Drinking Chocolate and Sugar-free also at just R25 and the amazing liquid stocks (the Fonds) all at R50, including the Lamb Fond!

A box of NoMU Goodies

5. Not only are there low prices, but there are even some additional discounts! For every 8 pack of rubs you buy, you will get an additional 15% off! This applies to an 8 pack of cocoa/hot chocolates as well as a 6 pack of Fonds.

6. You wouldn’t want to miss out on an opportunity to see the NoMU man himself, Paul Raphaely in action now would you?

7. Or some of our NoMUarian quirkiness at its finest?

8. December officially starts tomorrow and with it comes Christmas! Starting to think about Christmas presents? Well the NoMU Pop Up Sale does happen to have beautiful gift boxes for sale, specifically designed for some yummy NoMU goodies!

Meet Sam, she is super ready to help you with all your Gift Boxing needs 🙂

9. Did I mention the unbelievable prices? Vanilla Paste for just R80 and our Dukkahs for R30, and yes I am being serious.

10. It will be a fun, Boney M-free transition into the fabulous festive season that is soon to be upon us.

So 423 Main Road, Observatory, in the Dish, Food and Social building, with parking available in front, is where you should make your way through to ASAP! Only two more days left, today it will be open until 7pm and tomorrow from 10am until 7pm.


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