Richard and Jeanne’s Vrede en Lust Wedding

So on the 14th April, 2012, my cousin got married. This is the second ‘close’ family wedding I have ever been to and was an absolute ball from start to finish.

While my cousin is South African, his wife is French and they have lived together in Hong Kong and India-so it was essentially an internationally themed wedding with the bridesmaids dresses forming the french flag, french speaking taking place all around me, Indian dancing and I was seated at the ‘Ankor Wat’ table as it is was of the very, very many places the couple has visited.

The ceremony was a great mixture of light hearted-ness with the signing of ‘Going to the chapel’ and the bride getting the giggles in the middle of her vows, combined with enough moving, seriousness for the occasion that it was.

After the ceremony, we were treated to a surprise (the bride and groom knew nothing about it) performance by the Cape Town Highland Cathedral bagpipers while sipping on Pierre Jourdan champagne outside the beautiful Manor House on the wine farm. From here the festivities moved to the nearby marquee where we were all seated.

The bride and groom entered this area to Avicii’s ‘Levels’, starting off the party right then and there. From here on out the night became a blur of speeches in English and French, copious amounts of champagne and wine, an amazing 3 course meal and some hilarity from the misbehaving groomsmen.

All in all much fun was had by all, in the most beautiful setting, where there was literally not a thing anyone needed done differently. Here are a collection of the photos I took on the day (so much fun with such a beautiful bride!). The professional photographer was Wil Punt from Peartree and as you can see here, he did an amazing job on the day.


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