Graduation…Rhodent style

So at the beginning of April it was graduation time in Grahamstown, and my first trip back to Grahamstown since the big move up to Jhb. This year myself, my sister and AP all graduated at our respective ceremonies. As was to be expected it was a very festive number of days, though exhausting what with my averaging 4 hours of sleep a night, due to my very busy schedule, due to me obviously being a very important person (insert skeptically raised eyebrows here). But all in it was a blur of great fun, catching up and experiencing those special nights out that only Grahamstown and Rhodes can deliver. Here are some photos from the trip. DSC_0225-2We arrived late on Thursday afternoon after a super long drive from Harrismith including some getting lost and covering about 80kms on a dirt road detour with dodgy signal, but despite this unexpected and unappreciated detour, we still managed to arrive in time for APs graduation ceremony.

DSC_0246And we organised enough time to meet up with the mad masses at the Rat after the ceremony. Although organising enough time for sleep, we kinda failed on that part…

DSC_0300-2My sister and I all ‘academic-gowned-up’ with the father unit, who had to be normal (his version of ‘normal’) by adding his own ‘style’ to  the suggested attire to be worn to the Saturday’s Garden Party.

DSC_0319-2While I’m sure other universities have sections or areas of beauty, I doubt they can offer all the fabulous backdrops as provided all over the Rhodes Campus, including here in front of the main admin building.

DSC_0327Thanks to the welcome addition of my dad’s hat he decided he was the next great paparazzo and thus stalked our VC, Saleem Badat, to the point that we had a photo many photos with him…

DSC_0323-5The sister, now The Sister, B.A.

DSC_0367Here is the proof I always knew must exist, that no normal person can complete a law degree…


DSC_0372And apparently not many normal people will actually survive four or more years at Rhodes University. (Yes, myself included, who wants to be normal anyway?)




DSC_0435-3On the Saturday night, rather than Grad Ball-ing it, I had a braai at my house (had to take one last advantage of the fact that my parents and their large patio were situated in Grahamstown)

DSCN0867-4This is what happens when two Rhodes Boys reunite… All female attachments they may have suddenly feel rather uncomfortably like the spare wheel… 😉

DSC_0452While Bella loved all the masses of attention she received from the braai-attendees, I still have some suspicions that she may have gotten hold of some alcohol at some point, either that or the attention just completely wore her out! Which is rather unusual Bella behaviour…

DSCN0912And that is a glimpse of Graduation…Rhodent style 🙂



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