A Great Scottish Adventure

After returning from my Contiki trip and spending a few days in London, I went up to Scotland for four days by train. I first stopped in Carnoustie to stay with some family, then went on to St Andrews to stay with an old school friend. While in Carnousite we went through to Edinburgh for the day, taking an open bus tour through the city. I am now in LOVE with Scotland! It was amazing, but cold, especially as I was there at the beginning their summer, and it was far from warm! But Edinburgh was beautiful, as was the outside of the Edinburgh Castle, though we didn’t go in, pricy much! Then I went on to St Andrews, for a *history nerd* it was amazing, everything was so old it was CRUMBLING, and like, buildings there were built in like the 1200s or something equally insanely long ago… Also, another novelty for me was how no one locked their doors…NO ONE! Some people didn’t even close their doors properly, I am a proper third world country resident, so this just amazed me to know end. But anyway, below are a collection of photos from those four days. The little girl, sorry, the ADORABLE little girl is Isla, her father is my cousin so we are related, and she liked smiling for the camera Smile .


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