Some snaps from London 2012

Well, better late then never!

So when going through my blog a few days ago, I realised that while I did blog my Contiki photos, I never blogged my UK photos! These were taken in London along my solitary travels there. I did quite the touristy, sightseeing vibe, reveling in the fact that because I was on my own, I had endless freedom to do what I wanted and to go where I felt like in the moment. If there is any *travel advice* I could give to someone travelling by themselves, first of all, do it! And second of all, have a basic itinerary, but not one that you are tied to. This will help you have some general direction, without encroaching on your travel freedom.

My highlights of London:
  • Kensington Palace and surrounds, the palace, the gardens, I could even deal with the swans (they kept their distance, I kept mine!)
  • V&A Museum – I preferred this to the National History Museum and would advise it any day
  • National Portrait Gallery – I didn’t want to overwhelm myself with Galleries as I knew the result would be that I would get over it and under-appreciate the experience, so I limited my exploring to the National Portrait Gallery and loved it
  • Oxford Street – yes cliché, I know! But, meandering along it by yourself while popping spontaneously down little side-streets is awesome.
  • Portobello Market – prepare for the crowds and mayhem and the excursion to that whole area is fantastic (And you have to pop into Hummingbird Bakery, because, well, why not!)
  • Borough Market – again, many crowds and much mayhem, but enjoyable all the same
  • Tower of London and London Bridge – I didn’t actually go into the Tower of London, there were long queues and I didn’t want to over-do the museum experience. This turned out to be the best move for me as I didn’t have to pay anything beyond the tube fare to get there and I still had an amazing experiece
  • Shopping…by myself…no interruptions…no distractions…it was bliss
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