{Joburg Adventures}…A Cafe Mexicho Delight

So when I used to live in Cape Town, Fat Cactus was a regular haunt. Big jugs of frozen Margaritas that never failed to leave you with a happy feeling, amazing Nachos and a guaranteed great girls evening out. When I made it up to Johannesburg I was super excited to find a great Mexican place. The criteria were simple: good frozen margaritas and good nachos. And preferably not too expensive. So Cafe Mexicho was suggested.

photo (2)

Located in a really fun and quirky part of Melville Cafe Mexicho was reasonably priced, the nachos were delicious and the prices seasonable.

photo (7)

But while the frozen margaritas tasted great, there was no special feeling afterwards as I do not believe there could have been much alcohol in them. And the service was terrible. Like really, really bad! The lack of any attention led us to have to order and fetch our own drinks from the bar, all rounds. We then had to place our food orders with the barman too, as he was the only one we could corner for any proper amount of time. He at least brought the right orders, although they did take a lot of time, and luckily there was nothing wrong with them as we weren’t exactly checked on. The bill also took an age to settle, again with us having to do the bulk of the work.

photo (5)

We made the most of it, and if you are not too worried about the service then I would recommend it, it had a great vibe and yummy nachos. But if you want to actually be waited on, some alcohol in your margaritas and maybe a slightly less stressful evening, then I am not sure it would be the best option.

My hunt for the perfect Mexican place is thus still on, so keep watching this space!

As for a great girls night out, luckily its the people that make that, not the place 😉

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