A Madhatters Affair

So this weekend AP and I went to his little cousin’s birthday party (I think it was his 6th, but it may have been his 7th…something I should probably know, oops!). The theme was Madhatters and AP’s aunt went all out. There was a magician who was fantastic, his Eastern European accent added to his act and there were several tricks that even us cynical adults marveled at.

photo (4)

Enthralled by the magical Magician

Of course, seeing as he was the birthday boy, the cousin got to participate and ‘do’ a fun array of tricks.

Birthday Boy

Birthday Boy

The aunt made this cake, as in herself, as in she didn’t hop along to where ever the Johannesburg’s equivalent of Charlys Bakery is to pick up a well ordered cake, she literally make it all herself. (This is me super impressed!)

The weather was super chilly, then again, it is Johannesburg in May so it was to be expected. Luckily despite rather ominous looking clouds, the rain stayed at bay allowing the children to be entertained on the grass (and therefore well away from the house’s breakables, and the adults drinking corner).

Homemade. Seriously.

Homemade. Seriously.

This cake!

photo (8)

As part of the Madhatter theme, on the ‘kids’ table along with braaied meat, some peas and sweets (it is a birthday part after all, it can only be successful after a few sugar comas have occured), was blue mashed potato. A LOT of blue mashed potato. Now I am sure it tasted great, but that colour was so off-putting even the children were a bit freaked out by it. I probably spent about 20 minutes just watching these kids go up to the bowl of blue, look at it questionably, and poke it. Often without tasting it, they just poked it, and then wandered off, no shame or anything…this highly entertained me.

How cute is she?

How cute is she?

How cute is this little girl? I may have been kinda stalking her, but she made for such a fantastic little model 🙂 – so that’s my excuse, and I’m sticking to it!

The younger cousin and his ‘girl’ friend. They were ‘checking’ out the cake . Now Younger Cousin is a boy (obvs), and his friend is a girl (I know, obvs again!). Anyway, apparently the Birthday Boy is at that delightful age when boys cannot be friends with girls, i.e. he spends much time mercilessly teasing Younger Cousin. I have heard several refrains of “Joshie’s girlfriend, kissy kissy!” and other entertaining versions.  ->> Boys, I do not understand them.

photo (5)

So that was my first glimpse into childrens parties, Johannesburg-style. I also learnt how the parents get through them. They hire a magician and chill on the balcony with more than enough alcohol to go around. I was drinking a glass of red wine at 12:30, if we had stayed until the end I am fairly sure I would have been smashed by 5pm!


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