Five Things…#todothisweekend

It is a Friday and I do not as yet have any definite weekend plans, other than catching up on sleep that is… I often feel I waste precious weekend time when I don’t make set plans as the weekend just slips on by with very little to show for it. So this is my to do this for this weekend.

1. Go see The Great Gastby. It opens this weekend in Johannesburg. I loved the book so have been looking forward to the movie purely based on that. Add in Leo, Baz Lurman and Carrey Mullighan and I am extra excited.


2. Go to The Neighbourgoods Market. I am a big fan of the Neighbourgoods Market at the Old Biscuit Mill in Cape Town and have decided its about time to visit the JHB equivalent! Plus then I can take my camera 🙂 (Any excuse!)


3. Find a wedding gift for APs sister. Her wedding is at the beginning of June so time is suddenly running out. While I am always excited to go present shopping, AP hates Sandton, especially on a weekend…so wish me luck!

4. Go for a run. This one is weather dependent, otherwise I need to hit the gym. My chocolate intake-to exercise ratio is totally out of balance!

5. Me, my bed and hot chocolate. It is getting wintery after all.


Anyone else have any weekend plans yet?


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