Welcome to the new Beef and Bubbles!

So I have gone through quite a few big changes over the last few years, including starting this blog (a while ago). I seem to be in a relatively settled area of my life *for now* and decided I wanted to get back into my blogging. Between living in Cape Town, moving back to Grahamstown to study, moving up to Johannesburg and finally finding employment, life has been rather insane. Plus now that I am working I really started to feel I need some form of a creative outlet to keep some balance in that thing we call life. So I am going to try get back into regular blogging.

But to launch off this new phase I wanted to give the blog a makeover. I decided to try my hand at the self-hosting, wordpress.org side of things as the theme and editing options within wordpress.com quite often frustrated me. So I got working on that, finally settled on a theme and started playing. But it just didn’t feel right, and to be paying (self-hosting fees) for something that didn’t feel right made it feel worse. Thus I am now back to wordpress.com and with the help of my newest toy (my Apple Ipad 4) have finally settled on a look for the blog that I like.


So welcome to the new Beef and Bubbles, I hope to create a fun and worthwhile read/browse for anyone out there who is interested.

Please feel free to drop me an email at beefandbubbles@gmail.com, if ever, whenever you want.


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