Why Beef and Bubbles…

It’s season 2, episode 13 of Cougar Town. Laurie Keller is talking to Bobbie Cobb.

Laurie: “I love me some beef and bubbles. Uh that should be our detective names. He´s Beef a grizzled ex marine with a secret. He´s a vegetarian. She´s Bubbles, his plucky hot partner with a secret of her own. She´s Beef´s daughter, and together they fight crime, and each week maybe they grow a little bit closer together”
Bobby: “I don´t know why I got chocked up”


So one of my guilty pleasures is watching Cougar Town {yes feel free to judge me, I like it}. Season two was my favourite with many quotes that now make up while conversations between me and some of my friends {judge away, I still like it}. These include the likes of “Laugh” (said in an American accent), “What What” (said with arm movements), “Oh Jellybean” (said with sad shaking of the head), “Imaginary Hat” (Said with the tipping of this imaginary hat), “Imaginary Opera Gloves” (said with pulling up of these imaginary gloves)…and I could go on for a long time. {But don’t worry, I won’t!}

But essentially, the above quote stayed with me. It was just fun and silly and all those things Cougar Town is.

cougar town 2

I also happen to be really bad at naming things. {Like really bad}. My poor car didn’t have a name for the first two years of her life {although I did know she was a ‘she’} and even now her name is, well, lame. So I stressed about naming this blog. And I tried to be clever and witty and simple all at the same time. {I failed at that}. Then I re-watched some Cougar Town episodes, {as I do, carry on} and was reminded about Bobby and Laurie’s “Beef and Bubbles” conversation. And since then, that has been this baby’s name. Entirely random but way better than anything I came up with before and now its quite grown on me. I’m a fan. Well done me.


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