Five Things…#Ilearntthisweekend

So this past weekend I had the great honour of helping out at AP’s sisters wedding. It was probably the most stunning wedding I have been to thus far, though I may be biased as I helped to set it up…

Needless to say, photos, a lot of photos, are coming soon. Until then, here are five things this weekend taught me:

1. Weddings are hard work, therefore you will need to enlist the help of others, including males who can lift heavy things and someone who knows anything about flower arrangements (i.e. not me.)

2. If you drink red wine on the dance floor, or even near the dance floor, you will spill. Both on yourself and others around you. Even if its not actually your fault, someone else will cause you to spill. Not only is this harmful to the pretty things you and others are wearing, it is also a waste of wine.

3. Don’t take your whole bag to the party, yes you may need all those little things you keep in there, put them in a smaller bag, there is nothing more stressful then waking up (hungover) the next morning missing your handbag. I.e. the one with your phone, wallet, car keys, flat keys and so on in it. (It turned out ok, I found it!)

4. Don’t let your boyfriends naughty uncles order you drinks. Doing this can land you with a quadruple vodka, lime and water. Yes you can water this down as much as possible, sip it slowly and so on, but in the end you’ve had a quadruple vodka lime and water. This does not end well.

5. Don’t go to sleep still in your party dress (see number 4 above). This will be uncomfortable and I doubt it is too good for the dress either. Also, if said dress is made with silky material, your chances of sliding off the bed in your sleep are higher. True story. I have the bruise to prove it. And I still blame the vodka, and the uncle.


A sneak peek at the stunning bride.


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