{Book Review}…Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn

Book Review

Gone Girl is a page turner. This is mostly due to the mystery that you just have to keep reading to find out the result of. It is a very easy read so I imagine it would be perfect for the December/summer holiday season. For me it was a great ‘on-the-train’ read and I had to prevent myself from continuing to read it at my work desk. That said I do feel some of the hype around it was a bit overrated, while I enjoyed it as a light, entertaining and rather enthralling read I don’t think it will go on my favourite books of all time list. I have never read the 50 shades range and I doubt I will, several mentions of Gone Girl seemed to compare this to that range, as I haven’t read it I can’t say for sure whether or not that is warranted, but from what I have heard about 50 shades, this book is very different. It is more about the main couple, their inner secrets, complex personalities and rather bizarre relationship. It is about how poisonous they for each other, but yet seem made to be together. What I really enjoyed, apart from the page-turning mystery, was that without being unbelievable, it wasn’t too predictable either. Some things were, but overall I just couldn’t be sure how it was all going to play out until the end, and I really enjoyed that.

Gone Girl

So if you are looking for a light read while travelling, or a book to curl up with on a winters weekend with some hot chocolate, I would recommend Gone Girl. If anything it is a nice change from the books I have been reading, so if you are looking to change up your reading list a bit, this would be a great option.


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