{A Wedding} in June…Part Three

JR Wedding

Yes, this series is being drawn out. But I love it. I also managed to take over 900 photos over the weekend so you’ll just have to grin and bear it, as I am only showing off my favourites 🙂 So after all the preparations were done, a glass of champagne drunk, it was time to head off to the wedding venue, which was about a 40 minute drive from Hilton. As mentioned before, the photos were going to be taken before the ceremony, so obvs the groom was going to see the bride before then too. But this was all planned out. Shalwyn has this stunning little lake (or dam? Not too sure what it’s official classification would be) with a cute wooden jetty among the reeds. The groom and his merry men were all there already, and perfectly on time, there  was much excitement about this fact ;). The groom waited at the end of the jetty looking out across the water while we finished fixing up the bride, attaching her veil and so on. He was then only allowed to turn around as she approached his end of the jetty. I think this was the perfect way to do things. It allowed the experience of ‘the first sighting’ to remain despite the unorthodox order of the day and gave the couple a private moment on the jetty instead of in a packed chapel with everyone’s eyes on them. This also meant that all the couple photos were done before the ceremony, reducing the ‘waiting around time’ between the ceremony ending and the reception beginning. The couple’s ‘jetty meeting’ was an emotional moment to watch and I hope I was able to capture it adequately. And of course the entire setting was absolutely stunning, as you can see below.














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