Five things…#todoinCapeTown

So for the Women’s Day long weekend, I paid a long over-due visit to Cape Town. Man was I excited! Not only would I get to see family and catch up with friends, but I would get to see the mountain! And the sea! And do all my favourite Cape Town things! Of course I took a ridiculous amount of photos, especially as the sun did me the ultimate favour and shone most of the time, and these will be up in the near future. Until then though, here are just 5 things I would recommend anyone do in Cape Town, in no particular order:

1. Walk through Newlands Forest – this one is obviously weather dependent, but I was lucky enough to have two whole beautiful, sunny days in Cape Town and there is just nothing like a walk through Newlands Forest with the sun shining in through the overhead leaves, the many (very friendly and polite) people who cross your path, and all the dogs! (You must know I managed to stalk at least one golden retriever)

2. Drive out to the winelands – Even if you don’t, for some unknown reason, like wine, the wine farms are beautiful, and aplenty, and all serve divine food in stunning surroundings. We went to the Duck Pond at Welmoed for lunch with the grandparents this time round, they have this new thing coming out which is wine based but sparkling and tastes a bit like alcoholic flavoured water, super yum, can’t wait for it to come up to JHB (and it is, we checked 🙂 )

3. Have supper at Sidewalk Cafe in Vredehoek – I have been to this restaurant many times while I lived in Cape Town, it is honestly always an enjoyable experience. The food is never a disappointment and generally the service is good, which is always a remarkable feat in CT. I will never understand why service is generally so crappy in CT, but this place is usually alright. As soon as I decided to go visit CT, I planned a girls dinner at Side Walk, and had a chicken risotto. I love risotto on just about any day, and the Side Walk one’s are always amazing. This time most definitely did not disappoint.

4. Go to the Neighbourgoods market at Old Biscuit Mill – those who have spent a lot of time in Cape Town will most likely moan about how ‘pretentious’ this market is. I disagree. If you find it pretentious, I think it’s because you have hang-ups about how you look in front of ‘the hipsters of Cape Town’. I personally just do not care. For me the only downside from a Saturday morning visit to Old Biscuit Mill (apart from the lack of easy parking in Salt River) is that there are always just so many people there! That said, it is understandable that it is just so crowded as I think it offers quite a lot more than the Neighbourgoods market in Jhb does so far. There are more stalls, more food options, but less space. Meanwhile with the Jhb one there is much more space, but I personally would like to see some more stalls.

5. Go to Kalk Bay – I didn’t manage to do this this time round, but it is something everyone must do. Kalk Bay is always lovely, of course a warm and sunny day is preferable, or even just a sunny day, (put on the layers though, that wind can bite!). It is a cute, quaint place to walk around, stop for an ice cream, some pizza or a cocktail or glass of wine.

One of my Kalk Bay photos


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