Life Lately

IMG_0567 1. As of the 1st of October I started a new job, and thus hopefully a new chapter. Goodbye to the public sector, hello to the private sector. 2. It is officially summer in Johannesburg. We also finally had some rain. Which I am very happy about, really, but at the same time that rain came with GauTrain delays. All in all I spent two hours on the train on Monday evening trying to get home from Hatfield (where I now work…cause I have this new job and all :)) and I really can imagine a  better way to spend two hours then on a train that keeps stopping for now explicable reason, the explanations from the GauTrain operators comprising of ‘temporary delay due to technical difficulties’ and thus seriously found wanting. It would really just help if they could explain something about the technical difficulties, even if the explanation is ‘sorry folks, the trains are just in shock from actual rain, it’ll take time for them to adapt’ or whatever the real reasons were. Although as much as I do not know about trains, surely by 2013 trains should be able to operate during a rain storm, just like in general? But anyway, like I said, I was happy to see some rain, even if I saw it all from a non-moving train which contained the loudest woman in history. I now know where she and her husband are from, (SA and US if you were interested…don’t worry, I wasn’t either), where her husband works (the UN), about how she studied in America and used to teach dance to pay back some study bills. Needless to say, it was a long two hours. But summer = awesome so I’ll stop complaining now.

3. The travel bug has bitten me again. Which is really, really bad. Because all I want to do is start planning  trip overseas. And I currently want to go to far too many different (and far apart) places. Basically I want to do an African trip and a European trip. Cannot get more different really. Also, did I mention that I have like no money? And won’t earn enough to save much for a while still… So this is a really stupid time to start daydreaming about travels, but, well I am. Will have to satisfy myself with Pinterest browsings for the time being. But in my head a bit of a 2015 travel plan is starting to develop. Watch this space.

4. Apparently my daydreams think money grows on trees, because I also really, really want a dog. Which is such a perfect thing to want when living in Johannesburg, working in Hatfield, when non-pet friendly flats are more available then pet-friendly ones, and when I have my travel plans and ideas swirling around in my head…


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