{Book Review}…War Brides

Book Review

I have mentioned before that I am a *History Nerd* and I really, really am. This book did not get the most amazing reviews on Amazon, but I LOVED it. You add some historical fact to some romantic fiction, and I am hooked. This book follows four women situated in Britain during World War Two. The stories of four women meet up during the war, but each start on their own individual journey at the beginning and the book is clear to follow each story to its end. It can get confusing in that it does jump from story to story, but I personally liked that. I also loved how detailed each different story was, and how well blended it was in the end. And one of the best parts of this book, is that it is surprisingly unpredictable. Every now and then I was sure I had it all figured out when *ta daaaaa* there was a twist I didn’t foresee.

I’ll be honest, I doubt this book is for everyone, but if you are looking for an interesting read, not too lighthearted but not too heavy either, and of course you like some romance and history, then this book may be a good option for you. I was actually originally reading Anna Karenina but needed something a bit more fast-paced and less heavy to allow a bit of a break from Tolstoy, and this was what I found.

Star of Fabulousity Rating: *5/5*


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