{November Project}…Nikon’s “Photo-A-Day”

So a few mornings ago, while working diligently, I was momentarily distracted by the following image appearing on my twitter time line, that I just happened to accidentally open on my desktop.


I have been feeling an increasing need for some kind of creative outlet lately. The year is getting hectic, the last few hectic months are catching up to me and I need a holiday…which is still a month and a half away…so I have decided to make this my new project for the month. As I mentioned, life is currently quite intense, and Joburg provides its own challenges, so I won’t be doing this in exact date order, nor will I necessarily get to all of them…but I will be making an effort to do a decent number these, even if it means a bombardment of several every few days. So the get the ball really rolling, here are some of my Nikon “Photo-A-Day”s…

2nd November: “Splash”

photo (3)

4th November: “Ice Cream”


12th November: “Vintage”

photo (1)


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