About Me.

Words that describe me:

Amateur photographer * Baker * Economist * Proudly South African * Shy girl-turned-chatterbox * Dog Lover * Travel enthusiast * Day dreamer * Book lover * Hopeless Romantic * Love the outdoors (without the camping) * Runner/Spinner/Swimmer * Rhodes Graduate * Creative Academic* Small town girl * History Nerd * Dog Lover*

Yes, dog lover has to be mentioned twice, it could have been more so count yourself lucky!


Clifton Beach, Cape Town

I currently reside in Johannesburg, South Africa. This is a random collection of me, spontaneous creativity, dog stalking results, baking, photography and more as I muddle through the ‘decade of confusion, growing up and regressing’, otherwise known as my twenties.

A longer introduction to, well, me 🙂

So I was born in Grahamstown in the late 1980s. Grahamstown is a very special place, not always for the right reasons. Pictures can show it to be a picturesque, romantic little academic town, which it is, but it is also tiny, there is 70% unemployment, 21 straight years there is not safe for one’s mental health and there is no Woolworths Food…Yes, you read that correctly, it is 2013, and there is no Woolworths Food, despite the town being home to several private boarding schools, several public schools and Rhodes University. There is however, a fair number of donkeys, cows and potholes to keep you distracted from this fact. All in all, Grahamstown is definitely eccentric, very historical (I like that part) but rather rundown…Thanks Makana!

I went to DSG (the Diocesan School for Girls) and after that when straight on to study my Bachelor of Commerce at Rhodes. Before you write me off as a spoilt ‘private school girl’, I was a staff kid, AND a daygirl, so my parents got free tuition for me as my dad taught there, and I got a complex about being ‘a staff kid’, and ‘a daygirl’. Then at Rhodes, I ended up majoring in Economics and Management and was very unsure as to a career direction by the end of my third year. So I decided the Marketing was IT, that THING I was MEANT to do…and luckily for me (who had wanted to get out of Grahamstown since the age of 16), Rhodes doesn’t offer an honours year in just Marketing, and I didn’t want to do the Management Honours offered by them as it involved other subjects as well and I wanted to do *MARKETING* and only marketing…It was what I was *MEANT* to do after all. On reflection, I was 21, I had NO IDEA what I was ‘meant’ to do, and I had very little evidence to base this belief that marketing was ‘IT’ on, but I knew I liked the commerce side of it, as well as the little creative interaction that I felt was missing from my life around this time. As I mentioned, Rhodes doesn’t offer just a Marketing Honours, so this new conviction of mine had the added benefit of allowing me to legitimately leave Grahamstown. So at the beginning of 2010, off I went to the beautiful land of Cape Town to study at the Red and Yellow School.

A view of Cape Town from Elephants Eye.
A view of Cape Town from Elephants Eye.

Moving to Cape Town ultimately changed me and my life, for the better. I came out of my shygirl shell, which yes Rhodes had managed to dent, but Cape Town was where a transformation truly took place. Over my two years there I went from ‘that quiet one’ to ‘that chatty one’. I also went from being rather miserable (my third year at Rhodes was a tough one) to finally, at the END of 2011, being truly happy, in life and with my life and myself. It was a really difficult time for me, but a time the definitely changed my life for the better.

So Red and Yellow, it was both an interesting experience for me as well as a disappointing one. I was under the impression that my post-graduate diploma (called the Post Graduate Diploma in Advertising and Marketing Communication) was half advertising, half marketing, it turned out that it was 90% advertising, and like 10% marketing…And if there was one thing I accurately knew, it was that I did NOT want to be in advertising. So I learnt a lot in terms of presentations, public speaking and so on, but not as much as I would have liked about the marketing world. Then came 2011, my year of funemployment. I did a brief three month internship, and then worked for six months at the awesome NOMU, but at neither place was I doing the marketing I wanted to be doing, and thanks to me (ignorantly, read stupidly) only looking in CT and only looking at Marketing, plus with the impact of the global recession and SA’s amazing BEE legislation, I couldn’t find any of the employment I was really looking for. So by the end of 2011 I was broke, a bit disheartened and still not sustainably employed. Plus then add the pressure of the recession on my poor parents (I was still relying a lot on them financially) and something had to give. So, despite it being my worst nightmare, I moved BACK to Grahamstown.

Taken on a walk on Mountain Drive, just outside Grahamstown.
Taken on a walk on Mountain Drive, just outside Grahamstown.

With a purpose though, I went to study my Honours in Economics at Rhodes, I had really missed (surprisingly for me) academia during 2011 and I had become a bit disillusioned about the whole marketing profession. So enter 2012, I am a bit older, wiser and in need of a change. So for the first time since Matric, I moved back home and started my honours year, knowing a total of 3 people still at Rhodes from ‘my days’. I did not exactly have high hopes for this year, but I was glad to no longer be such a financial burden on my parents (my mom works at Rhodes so also gets a staff discount, yup – still a ‘staff kid’!) AND I got to be with my dogs whenever I wanted! Not to shabby, to be honest. I also discovered that some how my intellect had improved over the last few years and I really, really enjoyed my Economics Honours and by the end I was no longer afraid from trying to pursue a career in the economics direction. I made new friends and even found myself the most wonderful boyfriend. All in all, it was a really great year. When I had decided to move back to Grahamstown at the end of 2011, I did it on the condition (to myself) that I use the advantages of being a full time student again, the long vacation time! So in our June/July holiday, I said good-bye to the boyfriend, the family and the dogs and went off on my overseas adventure. You can see the photograph evidence here:

An Amsterdam Perspective.

Beersteins, birkenstocks and cuckoo clocks the wonders of Germany.

Bike rides, breathtaking views and sunshine, the Austrian Tyrol in summer.

Once upon a gondola ride in Venezia.

Home of Toblerones, army knives, watches, cow bells, waterfalls and snow-topped mountains: Swiss-fever.

Escargot, macaroons, pain-au-chocolat and La tour eiffel, a brief glimpse of Paris.

I went on a short contiki by myself (with an awesome group of crazy people) and then spent three weeks in the UK, mainly with my cousins in London but also included a trip up to Scotland. It was an AMAZING trip!

The rest of 2012 flew by in Rhodes activities, studies and the dreaded job search. After many applications, interviews, final round interviews and ‘we regret to inform you’s, I finally got a job in Joburg (well Pretoria, but I moved to Joburg), boyfriend got a job in Joburg, I found a place to live and have now officially been employed for three whole months! (That’s three full paychecks, in case you were interested…)

This blog has changed from my marketing-related opinions, to my amateur photography, to what it is likely to become now, an online journal-type-of thing of being a young professional in Johannesburg South Africa, in 2013 as well as an outlet for my random creative escapades and needs.



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