Hello 2014!


I don’t really do New Years Resolutions, firstly because as the year goes on something that seemed so super important in January is no longer as relevant in August, and secondly, because I don’t want to start the year with the pressure. So instead of resolutions, I have decided on some basic goals instead:

1. Learn how to use my DSLR in manual. I have dabbled but usually opt for my comfort zone of Aperture, it is now the time to focus on that manual mode.

2. Be more patient. One day, hopefully I will have achieved more of the things I aspire to, like earning enough to save a decent amount each month/actually contemplate grown-up-adult-life-expenses such as a bond or new car, until then, I like my flat, I still love my car and am enjoying the non-monetary aspects of my job so far. I have been in Joburg-land for a year, and I have many more to explore the area/make more friends/make more memories.

3. Take more photos. Yup, cause I honestly really don’t think I take enough, or at least I didn’t in 2013, so that needs to change!

4. Find ‘me’ again. 2013 was hard. It was long. At times it was quite brutal. But it wasn’t all bad, and it didn’t all hurt. I think I lost myself for a while, getting too bogged down in the crappy things that happened, so bogged down that I forgot to really appreaciate the good things, including myself, my strengths and my abilities. So in 2014 I am going to focus on what I can do well, not on what I can’t. I am going to take pleasure in just being me, not obsess about what I may not be.

5. Decorate the flat. In December 2013 I moved into a new flat with the boyfriend. New life experience for me in many ways. I want our flat to reflect this new life experience, reflect that we live there together, reflect that we are in a flat in Jhb not a digs in Grahamstown, and reflect us. I also want to tap more into my creative side this year and am hoping to do some of that through the flat decorating process.

6. Keep fit. Ok so this could be a big goal like go to gym 5 times a week or lose those extra 2 kgs I always moan about. But, well, I also want to enjoy the year, and I want to avoid making myself miserable by obsessing over times I overate or that day I missed gym etc. Life is about balance, right?

7. Bake more. What a nice contradiction with number 6 🙂 The thing is, I have always loved baking, but I’ve gotten rather lazy about it over the last two years. A big problem is finding people to eat the baked goods, before I consume them myself and have an extra 5 kgs to lose… So this is a problem I will need to solve, and then bake some new recipes for a change 🙂

8. Be a tourist in Johannesburg. I have been here for a year now, and there is definitely a lot I could have done last year that I did not do…therefore I will just need to jump onto the tourism wagon in 2014:)

And so I leave you with the quote below, a summary of some of my goals, if you will.

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