{Joburg Adventures}…Gold Reef City

Gold Reef City

Visiting Gold Reef City is a rite of passage in Joburg. The first ‘theme park’ I ever went to was Ratanga Junction which I visited as a kid, but I really enjoyed my ‘adult’ Gold Reef experience. Maybe because I am the history nerd that I am but there is a charm to Gold Reef City that Ratanga doesn’t have. This is due to the way the park has incorporated the history of Joburg’s beginnings into everything from the decor, rides and restaurants. Its a theme park so the cheese factor is high, but all things considered I think it is done pretty well.


It is definitely one of those activities that you need a full day to do. And it won’t break the bank either. Though do be warned that there will be queues! We avoided as many as possible by skipping to rides with smaller queues and then doubling back to see if the queues were shorter…sometimes they were…sometimes they weren’t…c’est la vie!


Go to the Gold Reef City website here to check opening times, directions and the rest. I would recommend taking a change of clothes, especially if you have kids, or if it is a hot day, those water rides are too tempting to resist when the sun has been baking down for hours!


There were four of us on this Gold Reef Adventure. It was a great day to get back in touch with the inner child, enjoy Jhb sunshine and get the adrenaline going again. Also, side-note, girls, water-proof mascara is advisable, those water rides are sneaky! #lessonlearnt

Here are the rest of the photos from our Gold Reef City Adventure!

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