{South Africa}…Let’s help Guide Dogs SA


See this puppy? How cute is he? Now he may just be an excitable farm dog but I am sure that most people know, Labradors and Retrievers also make excellent guide and service dogs. I often see a poster advertising donating R10 to the SA Guide Dogs organisation on my way back from gym, but it’s kind of hard to remember the details and that number when driving (texting and driving is done faaaaar too often in Jhb!). So when I stumbled upon this tweet today, I thought I would share it with everyone. Because everyone reads this blog. Obvs.SA Guide dogs

SA Guide dogs 2

With Whatsapp, BBM and so on, R10 of airtime is such a small amount but can make such a difference to this, and many other, organisation, so no more excuses now!

If your interest is sparked as mine was, here it the link to the SA Guide Dogs website. I am really impressed with it, especially the mix between the technical information and the personal stories, bringing the reality to life for the reader, my favourite are the doggy diary entries!

Anyway, spare two seconds and R10 and pop off an sms 🙂